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{I’m wearing: Crop Top: Kelly Tang, Skirt & Shoes: Taiwan, Necklace: Forever 21 }

EEP, so I had a super fun night at the Portfolio in Motion fashion show a few weeks ago. It was so much fun catching up with my fashion girls, and friends I haven’t seen in a while. And it was really great to see the works of the seniors and students. It brings back so many happy memories of being a part of PIM, and how it really started my “career” in a way. Because it was the first place that my clothes were on a runway and was a reminder that this, fashion, is what I really love! And it was even more fun, because they had an alumni portion in the show, where I also showed three new pieces for spring/summer. What do you think?!

I’m currently getting over a serious cold, that just won’t seem to go away. Which means trying to recover and making feeble attempts to do work. But hey at least I blogged, so yay blogging! 🙂 And have a happy Tuesday!

PS: The fashion show was also featured on the Washingtonian Shop Around blog: here.

Photos by Gasper Kay and Linh.